F.A.Q (Frequently Asked Questions)

Q. Did you write all of the books and stories on this web site?
A. Yes.

Q. How you can you write so quickly? I count 6 works so far this year (2013).
A. Put on the right music, deal with an interesting situation and anything is possible! But it also helps to use project management techniques to help with a turnaround.

Q. Why do you write in so many different genres?
A. For the challenge and also because there are so many different topics that need covering.

Q. You mentioned the right music. What types of music do you listen to when you write?
A. All kinds. But mostly concerts from Internet Archive. This includes Furthur, Low, Grace Potter, Warren Zevon and others. The character Duluth In Ghosts vs Robots! was named in honor of Low.

Q. Why was Corporate Intent #3 released before #2?
A. #3 was a quicker edit. #2 needed some rewriting before it reached the edit phase.

Q. Why did it take so long to release Olivia Plymouth #2?
A. This was a large book that needed lots of pruning. Much of the unneeded historical sections and side plots were removed.

Q. Why was the title of Olivia Plymouth #2 changed?
A. After the Boston Marathon bombings, the Title “Misadventures in Boston” became inappropriate. The title Boston Wedding also focused on the main event in the story.

Q. Was the Corporate Intent fourth book originally planned?

A. No, it was planned to leave it hanging after #3 until the series became popular. But the interest is sufficient to move forward in writing the big finale!

Q. Who does your book covers?
A. Except for two of them, My daughter Alessandra.

Q. How often do you update the website?
A. As often as there is news, usually once or twice a month.

Q. What is the Archive Project?
A. Over the years, there has been a sizable backlog of works that have not been digitized. This effort is underway between writing.

Q. Will you make anything public from the Archive Project?
A. The bulk of the works will stay private. But some things have already been released. The first two Olivia Plymouth books, Combustible Networks and two stories are in In Small Doses (“The Strip” and “Would Be Family.”) In Small Doses 2 has selections from two early unpublished books.

Q. Will you write a Crossover story (Such as Olivia and Rose Plymouth meet Laura and Warica from Corporate Intent.) ? What are you planning to write?
A. Interesting idea but no interest in doing so. All planned works are listed on the Book & Story Status Page.