Cassia Plymouth : Staying Fresh and True to the Original Series

Previously, I talked about when and author should extend or end a series. Then I explained why Cassia Plymouth: Indie Fashion Writer was born. This post is more about the series and choices I made.

Bridge to the Past
The first two Olivia Plymouth books were a mix of travelogues, historical fiction, a look at the fashion industry, a mystery, and a dash of family and romance all rolled up into one. The next two works focused on fighting the nefarious Fashion is Terror (FIT) . The final two books are more slice of life pieces. (One to be written,)

The Cassia Plymouth Series embraces all of this and more. Like Creed 2, the children of the original characters are now coming into their own. They have learned from their parent’s experiences and network. They get along with their parents and ask them for advice from time to time.

But they see the world quite differently. Rather than embracing the current fashion industry, they want to live in what they believe to be a more authentic world. And with their fashion project, this small and idealistic group wants to share the creative work of the truly daring, innovative, and indie fashion in a unique multimedia framework. They are calling this effort THE ABBEY

That alone would be enough for some. But they also want to study but not appropriate the styles of ancient and indigenous cultures. The current chapter I am writing has three characters visiting Kashmir to learn about the origins of fashion.

FIT 2.0 (aka FIT2 or F2)
Throughout three of the five Olivia books is the story of FIT (Fashion is Terror). Their founder critiqued the gaps and limitations of the current fashion system. And then proceeded to bring it down. But Olivia and her sister quashed that effort in the end.

Now the founder’s daughter has asked to partner with the Abbey to jointly learn and portray these original fashions. But, Jenny is being chased by FIT2 who want her to lead the group. Also chasing both Cassia and Jenny is a mysterious and perhaps comical International Fashion Terrorist Task Force.

Why It is Different
This is a much different world than the Olivia Plymouth series. It is more dangerous and unpredictable. Nearly all of the characters are young women seeking adventure, self-discovery rather than romance. They travel light, are technology savvy, and are pretty fearless. They feel comfortable in any part of the world seeking answers to what fashion is really about.

Wrapping Up
The first Olivia book, I wrote as it unfolded, without an outline. I heavily researched about places and historical events. With Cassia, I am returning to doing this approach. there will be no rushing to get it completed. In fact, it may be the only book I write this year. But that’s okay. Because creating a new world and exploring its possibilities is what makes writing lots of fun.

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