Why Cassia Plymouth Series is Different than Olivia Plymouth

In Cassia Plymouth : Staying Fresh and True to the Original Series, I talked about why the need for a new series. This talks about some of the differences versus the first series.

#1 Friends and Family.
The original series had Olivia hang out with her sister and their boyfriends. While Cassia lives and spends a good deal of time with her first cousin Bohm, she also enjoys trips and time with friends.

#2 Humor
Olivia books had some humorous situations, it did not have many humorous characters. Fenton Deadly of the International Fashion Watch Force attempts to fulfill that role. In charge of an organization that cannot find any respect, he struggles hard to keep it running.

#3 Fashion
Olivia likes big handbags and clothes from traditional fashion houses. Cassia likes the truly edgy and creative outpourings. Olivia is more into helping businesses grow. Cassia wants to report on the unrecognized lessons and creators in fashion history. She is more of an explorer than her mother.

#4 FIT 2.
Olivia gets along well with everyone. Even her former enemies at FIT. She is more of a “forgive and forget” type. Because of this, she can help her daughter contact FIT 2 members as needed. Cassia is much more suspicious of this counter group.

#5 Family relations
Olivia was embarrassed of her mother’s family stories (future book!) and was fighting with her father over fashion labor practices. Cassia told her grandmother that she wasn’t interested in her family stories and gets along well with both grandparents. She calls her parents by their first name and not Mom or Dad. She respects her mother’s opinion on fashion. Olivia gives Cassia lots of space. But sets boundaries on insisting staying in contact frequently. Same with her sister Rose and her daughter Bohm.

#6 Work Environment.
Olivia runs her own business which is now a subsidiary or a larger company. She works with and relies on her staff to get things done. Cassia works in a cooperative organization where she is the guiding light. But things are done more by consensus.

The second book was written on Amtrak Virginia. Wil release it next year.

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