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4-9 Added  Prisoner of Letrius

Also hallettgermanfiction.com!


7-3 Added Fashion Healing (Cassia Plymouth Book 3)

10-1 Added Letrius Chronicles


8-1-2021 Added short story link https://medium.com/@hallettgerman/the-day-i-met-jim-morrison-47432960eb9

Updated Status Page

12-27 Added 3 books:

12-8 Cassia Plymouth out & new blog — Why Cassia Plymouth Series is Different than Olivia Plymouth.
4-7 Announce Cassia Plymouth: Indie Fashion Writer
3-23 Updated Book Status. Published New Blog Why Do an Olivia Plymouth Next Gen Series?/When should I End a Series?

12-27 Three new works:

12-28 Her Time Released! 10 months of writing. Status Page Updated
2-17 Spiritual Storms Released
2-5 Shrouded Witness Released! Status Page Updated.

10-1 Shrouded Witness is in first draft.
5-15 Transitions 2 Published!!!
3-28 Command and Control Published!!!
3-6 Writing & Stuff
2-7 Command & Control Book Announcement and New Blog

11-29 Book status update and a new blog on Disruptive Fiction.
11-21 New Second Blog Published on Missed Landing.
11-15 Missed Landing 1st Draft Published
10-23 Missed Landing Blog Published!
9-12 Simply Business/IT Published!
8-29 Olivia Plymouth #4 Published. Simply Business/IT is announced.
8-2 Updated Olivia #4 Status
6-21 Transitions 2 is available for preorder on Smashwords. New blog out.
6-13 Olivia Book #4 Preview on Smashwords. Transitions (Short Story Collection) out. New blogs out
3-15 Olivia Book #3 on Amazon on Smashwords.
3-15 Olivia Book # 3 now in second edit! Added missing cover images
2-21 New Blog link added. Olivia Book #3 now in Edit!!!
2-14 Olivia Prequel Announced
2-8 New Blog Added. Updated Olivia Book #3 Status
1-25 New Blog added
1-24 Announced Book A
1-18 Updated book status
1-10 Olivia Book #3 Preview Chapter now available


12-28 Organizing Olivia Plymouth Blog
12-21 & 12-25 Updated Book Status
12-7 Olivia Planning underway for books 3 & 4. New Blog added.
11-27 Saving Eddie released. New purchase links added. New Blog link added.
10-1 Updated Saving Eddie status. Added new cover.
9-23 Saving Eddie First Draft completed!
8-31 Early Chapters of Saving Eddie (Project Z) released.
8-9 Update on Project Z given
7-29 Added more links and details about each series book.
7-28 Corporate Intent #4 is Out!!
7-4 Updated Corporate Intent #4 Status Preview Edition Available!
6-30 Announced Smashwords book sale and provided book status on Corporate Intent #4
5-4 Added update on Corporate Intent Book #4.
4-6 In Small Doses 3 is Out!
3-15 In Small Doses 3. In Edit and stories announced!
1-29 In Small Doses 3 — Content Updates
1-19 Musings (Non-Fiction Collection) Abridged Version is Out
1-05 Second Edition of In Small Doses 2 is Out


12-22 Added link about Why I Document (Two Free Short Stories)
11-10 Updated Book Status on In Small Doses 3
10-27 Killing Thoreau (Formerly Project X) Releasd!
10-13 Project Status Project X Written. Edit Underway
10-6 Project X Status Updated. 85% Done!
9-6 In Small Doses 2 Released!!!
9-2 In Small Doses 2 final story order announced. Book now in edit.
8-25 Updated Book Status,FAQ, and Stories under In Small Doses 2
7-13 FAQ released!
7-4 In Small Doses Released!
6-29 Updated In Small Doses Status. Stories are now in correct order.
6-24 Updated In Small Doses Status
6-19 Missing Owner? (Corporate Intent #2) Released!!!
5-31 In Small Doses (Short Stories Collection) Announced!
5-13 Combustible Networks: Year One Cover Released
4-28 Olivia Plymouth #2 Out!
4-20 Combustible Networks: Year 1 Added
4-6 Ghosts vs. Robots (Project Y) Added
3-24 Updated Corporate Intent #3: Missing Company? Status (Final Edit)
3-19 FREE Corporate Intent Story (Missing Profits? ) released!
2-22 Updated Book Status Page
2-16 Project Y announced!!!
2-9 Corporate Intent Book #3 Missing Company? Cover Released!!!
2-4 Created Series and Non-Series Fiction Pages. Created Combustible Networks page
1-20 Added News part of Home page as a table. Added Corporate Intent Story #1 (Missing Profit) Update
1-17 Added a Series Supplement Page. Placed Audio Stories, Book and Stories Status (New!) and Quizzes under it.
1-5 Cover for Corporate Intent #2 Missing Owner? Released!!! Added Quiz Page
1-1 What’s Planned for 2013?


12-22 Corporate Intent Book 1 Free Audio
Year In Review Blog Post
10-15 Corporate Intent Blogs
Series Status
Third Book Title Is
Next Book Out
9-5 New Blog Post: Radio Silence
8-23 Major Changes
Added Abridged Version of Olivia Plymouth and Amazi Chronicle Books
Added New Announcement
Listen to Amazi Chronicles Book 1: Automations for Peace (Abridged) Part 1 & 2, as well as Olivia Plymouth Series: #1 Brazilian Quest on the Audio Stories page.
Added Covers for next two books:
Corporate Intent Series: Book #1 Missing Employees?
Olivia Plymouth Series: #2 Misadventures in Boston
Official Corporate Intent Series Page
8-21 Listen to the How I Overcame My Inventors Block Audiobook!
8-18 Major changes. Added annoucements page and details on next books!, placed some pages under Home. Reorganized links on home page Also Take the Amazi Chronicles Quiz!
Official Facebook Amazi Chronicles Series Page
Official Facebook Olivia Plymouth Series Page
Listen to the Joyous Travel Audiobook!
8-8 Take the Olivia Plymouth Quiz!
8-5 Now on Goodreads!
8-4 Now on Facebook! Wattpad! And Amazon’s Author’s Centra (US)
7-29 Working on getting Olivia Plymouth #2 and Corporate Intent #1 into your hands! Added web page for Corporate Intent
7-21 Now on Twitter! (@hallettg)
7-18 Olivia Plymouth Book #1 Brazilian Quest — Get it on Amazon! Cover Art!
7-7 Olivia Plymouth Book #1 : Brazilian Quest now out — Get it on Smashwords
7-4 Web Site Created. Busy working on getting the first two Olivia Plymouth books out the door and into your hands!