Corporate Intent

Imagine a future where governments, businesses, criminal, bounty hunters, and knights undergo constant battles for greed, justice, and the truth. And at great personal risk, catching the guilty parties is the Dysfunction Corporate Research Institute (DCRI) run by Judy Duty. Each book goes a little deeper into the Universe until the dangerous and dramatic conclusion. Along the way, there is humor, romance, mysteries, and a trophy room ceremony if they catch the crooks! Give the original and dynamic Corporate Intent series a try!

Story #1: Missing Profits? (Free)
A craving for off-world coffee leaves Judy and Diana tracking down a business that is giving away free money. Is this offer really a means to those needing a financial helping hand or is it something more sinister to ensnare them further? It is all just another day in the office for the Dysfunctional Corporate Research Institute! (DCRI). This is a prequel to the Corporate Intent Series.

Book #1: Missing Employees?
Keeping corporations ethically responsible is the job of Judy Duty, head of DCRI. She researches and busts those companies that put employees and customers at risk for the sake of greed. A fun mystery to learn about the corporate world, different types of managers and employees, and the motivations playing behind the scenes. There is also time for romance and interplanetary comic relief. This is the first book in the Corporate Intent Series. In each book another exciting corporate mystery is solved by DCRI (Dysfunctional Corporate Research Institute). Some companies, like Inscrutable Consulting, resort to devious subterfuges to cover up their business malpractices. But none can elude DCRI’s team of incisive researchers whose high tech detective skills can unravel even the most elaborate plot.

Book #2: Missing Owner?
In this second series entry, the DCRI team takes on a perplexing case. The team must determine reality versus lies as they take on two heartless Free Triberian groups. In the process, they discover crazy baseball team fans, a mysterious company takeover, and sudden disappearance of its owner. Is getting to the truth too high a price to pay? Read this dysfunctional corporate thriller to learn more.

Book #3: Missing Company?
Terry and Rose get engaged and attend a conference. But on their return, they learn that their company has completely disappeared! Can Judy and the DCRI team once again unravel the truth? As the story unfolds, the team learns that there are greater implications to their search than ever imagined. The reader is taken on a fantastic trip through galactic backwaters while each moment getting closer to the surprising truth. Missing Company? is the third entry in this imaginative futuristic mystery series.

Book #4: Missing Syndicate?
This last, longest, and best book of the Corporate Intent series is a fulfilling roller-coaster ride into this dystopian future universe where businesses rule. The book starts with DCRI accused of having wiped out an entire Syndicate. The Universe is calling for their capture. While in hiding and with few friends, DCRI must prove their innocence. Along the way, the reader encounters many of the dynamic players that make the cosmos operate and some old acquaintances reappear. Will Judy and the DCRI team be able to take on nearly everyone and set things right again? Read further to learn the exciting answer!


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